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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Why should people in the community decide whats best for the community? The people in the community should decide whats best because they know whats happening in the community. The community knows what to do. They also would know how to prevent anything that is bad. that way it be good for the community and so nothin can happen cause people know other people.


The thing that would be good to change is Police brutality. Police brutality is when people get assaulted for no reason. I think that the community should know when and where the police are because if they start to assault people for no reason then they would go to where they are. They would also try to stop the brutality and report them. in my idea that would be a good community that will not let police brutality go down. The things that cause police brutality is racism thats the way it started because the white people would just make an excuse so they can just beat on the other races. Rodney King is an example of police brutality because and he didnt even do anything wrong. Here is the website to that video. is the general website for all chapters of Cop Watch Los Angeles (CWLA), a grassroots revolutionary L.A. and O.C. country based organization.

The book Police brutality is a book about police brutality. In this book they talk about all the things that police have done. An di s edited by Jill Nelson.

In the rodney king issue there is a video off him getting beat by alot of cops. I know that rodney king didnt do anything wrong. They beat him cause he is a different race.


The other thing that would be good to change is Gang Violence. Well gang violence should be stopped because alot of innocent people are getting killed all over the world.  Gang Violence really effects the commmunity were Gang Violence takes place. It especially effects little and older kids and teens because they see whats happening in there community and they want to start getting involved in whats happening. So they would try to do something for the community and try to improve it but what they’ll do is make it worse by being in a gang but they dont realize what they are doing for there community is wrong. Whats causing this problem is gang violence because gang violence is just growing bigger and bigger all over the world and more crime is being commited every day. The issue for this is gangs because they are the ones that cause violence. Back in the days gangs were like to help and protect each other because the police would try to harm people like the black panther party and would just arrest them for no reason.

 Homeboy Industries is an organization that is trying to stop gang violence.

“At Homeboy Industries, rival gang members substitute the confines of gang affiliation for the ever-widening expanse of real, live community. And community will trump gang any day.” Fr. Greg Boyle in the Los Angeles Times.

Gang violence is becoming more and more of a problem in America today. Local Street gangs make it dangerous for someone to walk down the Street. Or come home from work, or pick up your kids at school. This is a bigger threat then most people know. Most of this gang activity is influenced Rap music and MTV music videos. And in most neighborhoods your kid has to make one of two choices; join one of the gangs, or become a victim of one.

 Blood In, Blood Out
By Art Blajos
Monarch Press
Now an evangelist with Victory Outreach, Art Blajos spent a total of seventeen years in prison with four spent on death row. This is his story.

Obviously the above is not ment to be an exhaustive list. What makes good reading varies from person to person, I feel these books are valuable because they are very educational, while at the same time fascinating to read.




  The thing that would be good to change is to get more transportation for when students get out of school. And if  posible more security for the safety of the students walking to their houses. The issue is that their is alot of gang violence with students that get out of school and some students are not involved in gangs and are still getting effected by it. the transportation is important to the community and to the students so that the students can get to their houses safe. Also so that the parents and the students can feel more protected and not feel scare of going to school cause of the gangs. The thing that causes this problem is students that are involved in gangs that go to schools that their rival gangs live at. An when they see that they are from a different gang thats when the problems start. And sometimes gang members think that just because other people are hanging around with that rival gang member they think that they are from the same gang that their rival is from. Sometimes just because you are bald and wearring  saggi pants or look like a gang member they will go up to you and start beating you up even if you are not from no gang. 



     WLCAC transportation program

WLCAC has been providing community transit programs since 1973, greater Watts transportation. The WLCAC greater Watts trnsportation program a fleet of vehicles for community transit and charter trips.


<span style=”font-size:x-small;”>The Runaway Bus 2000 Frankie Howerd Margaret Rutherford
The Magic Schoolbus 1998    
Get on the Bus 1996 Andre Braugher Ossie Davis
Speed 1994 Keanu Reeves Sandra Bullock
The Big Bus 1976 Joseph Bologna Stockard Channing
Bus Stop 1956 Marilyn Monroe Don Murray
Man on a Bus 1955 Walter Brennan Ruth Roman

I wasn’t sure we could come up with a good list of bus movies.  The list almost didn’t make it, but Speed alone seemed to demand that we make the list.  Speed is a good action packed movie that takes place almost entirely on a bus.  Hard to believe, but it makes for a good movie.  Other classic bus movies include Bus Stop with Marilyn Monroe and The Big Bus with Stockard Channing.  We also like the Magic School bus series.  This is a great video and TV series for kids and focuses on science giving kids a fun way to learn science.

    Cossi. Gus the Bus.  














Here at GUS the BUS we strive to go beyond our Customers expectations, and believe in going that extra mile to make your journey even more enjoyable.

Our vehicles are always clean and well presented, and our drivers are all smart, experienced and helpful members of our Operations Team that has only one main purpose: to ensure that everyone is safe.



I think that people in the community should be taking care of there community because they know what happenes in the community. They should be in charge of there community who know how to control poeple that know each other more than any other. The Brown Berets were an organization that helped the community. The black panther party were like police. AIM was an indian movement that helped people. These are all organizations that helped people in there community.